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I began my career at Physician's Weekly (PW) with a ridiculously outdate laptop on its last leg and not much else. I had to "borrow" (cough, pirate, cough, cough) Quark Xpress, Illustrator, and Photoshop... I didn't even have a vector version of the company's logo! We had 1 publication,  were creating a single issue each week, and would often be in the office until 10 o'clock on publishing night trying to get that 1 issue out on time.

Fast forward almost 13 years. PW now has 14 different publications ranging from weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly publishing schedules. The creative department went from an art director (me) and an editorial director, to a staff of up to 8 people at one time. We launched, bought, and sold products/publications. We owned and operated a digital signage network with over 500 locations. We built and later sold a patient waiting room print wallboard product with close to 5,000 locations at its peak. Most recently, we were developing a digital tablet network to help update and revive our print wallboard networks.

Over that time, I made the transition from a wide-eyed 22 year old with a raw design sense and some artistic ability to a refined and professional designer and director. I truly enjoy working with people, identifying their strengths, and helping to improve upon weaknesses. I am a team player in every sense of the term and am looking forward to the opportunity to bring my experience, and passion to a new company.


My career at a glance

My Career at a Glance


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