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  • 10k Mud Run

    10k Mud Run

    The Above & Beyond Fitness 10k Mud Run project was different than anything I've ever done. What started as a…

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  • Infographics


    A sampling of some recent infographics created for various Physician's Weekly issues. With a focus on quick bite-sized pieces of…

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  • Digital Tablet Network

    Digital Tablet Network

    The Digital Tablet Network was a very large project that I was very involved in. From the initial planning and…

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  • Poker Night Signage

    Poker Night Signage

    What does every good poker night need? Chips, beer, bourbon... no... cool signage! This was a quick project I put…

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  • Graphic Pet Prints

    Graphic Pet Prints

    This started as a personal project and turned into something that I might try to market. I can take pictures…

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  • Recruitment Landing Page-Healthy Living with HIV

    Recruitment Landing Page-Healthy Living

    A single page recruitment landing page which includes a great deal of information in a simple and easy to navigate format.…

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  • Snap & Win Promotional eBlast

    Snap & Win Promotional eBlast

    This is a promotional email campaign created to get our patient education locations to photograph their display board and email…

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  • MR Microsite

    MR Microsite

    This is a microsite created for medical device client who wanted to showcase 2 sister products. The site that was…

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  • Stone Dog House Brewing

    Stone Dog House Brewing

    The Stone Dog House Brewing beer label was a fun project to work on. The client was able to provide…

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