Graphic Designer • Senior Art Director

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  • Lemon Society–Speakeasy Event

    Lemon Society–Speakeasy Event

    The Lemon Society of Philadelphia is a group of Philadelphia-based young professionals that raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.…

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  • Stone Dog House Brewing

    Stone Dog House Brewing

    The Stone Dog House Brewing beer label was a fun project to work on. The client was able to provide…

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  • Hotel Kiosk Display

    Hotel Kiosk Display

    Design and UI for a hotel informational touchscreen kiosk and was developed for a touchscreen display company to use in…

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  • Infographics


    A sampling of some recent infographics created for various Physician's Weekly issues. With a focus on quick bite-sized pieces of…

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  • Patient Education Center Website

    Patient Education Center Website This is a patient-facing site presenting general health and wellness content to our readers. This site accompanied our Patient…

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