eNeura patient guide

We were asked by the client to rethink their then current package insert which consisted of a black and white, photocopied, double sided, and hand folded sheet. We set out to create a patient guide that had the same sexy high-tech look’n’feel as the device itself.

Mammotome sales brochure

Amidst a full corporate rebranding and before the creative concept work was officially complete, we were asked to create their new sales brochure. Balancing the intricate details of a patient journey story, with the brevity and speed that was necessary in a sales aid, we landed on a particular look’n’feel, and an illustrative style that tells accomplishes everything we set out to do.

eNeura MOA video

eNeura was relaunching their migraine prevention device, the sTMS Mini, and needed a fresh look and a high tech but easy to digest video.

CooperVision Energys MOA Video

This was a short MOA video highlighting features that differentiate Energys lenses from the competition. This project consisted of story board design, an onsite green screen video shoot, working with animators and illustrators, as well as voice over talent.

Mammotome website design

The project was a single page long scroll format website intended to highlight the problem in the market and promote the client as the solution. Ultimately driving traffic to the main site and/or contacting a sales rep to learn more about the family of products.